Reception and Study Center for Children

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Reception and Study Center for Children

A child caring institution which provides temporary shelter to children aged 0-6 years
old who are:

  • abandoned
  • abused
  • surrendered
  • orphaned
  • neglected or exploited.

This center was formally opened on August 1, 1989 with its legal base – P.D. 603 known
as the Child & Youth Welfare Code, on Article 136 which mandates the establishment of
Regional Child Welfare Agencies.

Programs & Services:

  • Social Services:
    Provision of case management/casework & counseling services to find out if the
    child is for placement (adoption) or eventual return to his/her family.
  • Home life Services:
    Provision of substitute parental love, care & attention, as well as basic needs,
    training of children on personal care & proper health habits.
  • Health Services:
    Provision of physical check-up, medication, dental care & hospital services when
    needed; also baby care, immunization as well as growth monitoring of children.
    Other related services include psychological testing, evaluation & treatment.
  • Dietetics Services:
    Provision of well-balanced diet & modified diet for sick and malnourished children,
    and conduct of monthly weighing and mass deworming.
  • Educational Services:
    Provision of formal education to children; conduct of Day Care sessions &
    educational field trips.
  • Spiritual Enhancement/Value Formation Services:
    Regular holding of Holy Masses and Baptisms; conduct of Catechism classes,
    Bible Story Telling & other religious activities geared towards spiritual development
    as well as character building activities.
  • Recreational & Cultural Activities:
    Conduct of supervised play, educational field trips and outings, watching selected
    television programs, educational VCD, tapes, and celebration of childrens birthdays
    & other special occasions (Christmas & New Year).
  • Training:
    RSCC also serves as training ground for volunteers, Social Work students, nurses,
    midwives & other students or workers of related disciplines, subject to the rules &
    regulations of the agency.

Admission Requirements:

  • Referral Letter
  • Social case Study Report
  • Birth Certificate
  • Declaration of Abandonment for Abandoned Children
  • Deed of Voluntary Commitment for Surrendered Children
  • Death Certificate of natural parents for orphaned children

Admission Procedures:

All referrals are directed to the Centers Social Services Unit.

The following are the intake procedures:

  • The decision to admit the child to the center is determined by the Social Worker as
    per intake interview of the referred client and the case study and other documents
    submitted by the referring Social Worker.
  • If found eligible, the child shall be referred to the nurse to determine the childs health
    status & needs upon admission.

Specific procedures of admission for the following categories:

A) For Abandoned Children:

  • Abandoned children in hospitals and in the community should be referred to the Local
    Social Welfare & Development Officer or to the Crisis Intervention Unit (CIU) of the
    DSWD, FO 8 prior to admission to RSCC so that necessary documents could be
    prepared, and to determine whether or not the child could be referred immediately for
    Foster Care.
  • The Local Social Welfare Officer or the Social Worker of CIU or Hospital Social Worker
    shall refer the child in writing and submit the referral letter to RSCC together with the
    following documents:

    • Certified True Copy of the childs Birth Certificate or Certificate of Foundling.
    • Recent Medical Certificate of the Child or medical history and present health
      status of the child (for those abandoned in the hospital).
    • Case Study Report, including the evidences of the efforts exerted by the referring
      party to contact the parents, relatives or guardian. Whenever possible, the
      process of preparing the child for transfer/separation shall be undertaken and

B) For Children whose families are in Financial, Social and Emotional Crisis Situation:

  • Client should go to the Local Social Welfare Office or Crisis Intervention Unit of DSWD
    FO 8 for intake, assessment and possible assistance and counseling.
  • Children needing temporary care & attention should be referred to RSCC.
  • The Social Worker of LGU or Crisis Intervention Unit should submit a Case Summary
    Report, Certified True Copy of the Certificate of Live Birth, recent Medical Certificate
    & other pertinent documents of the child.
  • Clients for admission to the Center should be accompanied by a Social Worker and
    should bring the above-mentioned documents.
  • Whenever possible, the process of preparing the child for the transfer/separation from
    his/her family or guardian, shall be undertaken and recorded.

C) For Surrendered Children:

  • Clients should go to the Social Worker of LGU or Crisis Intervention Unit of DSWD FO
    8 for intake, assessment & possible assistance and counseling.
  • Children needing hospitalization should be referred to the hospital for treatment prior
    to referral to RSCC.
  • Whenever possible, process of preparing the child and his/her family prior to the transfer / separation shall be undertaken and recorded.
  • Clients for admission to the center should be accompanied by the Social Worker and
    should bring the required documents.
  • Four (4) copies of Deed of Voluntary Commitment in the case of an illegitimate child,
    including evidence of counseling done to assist parents in deciding the best interest
    of the child, must be submitted to RSCC.

    • For a legitimate child, biological parents should sign the Deed of Voluntary
      Commitment. This document must be duly notarized.
    • In the event of death of parent, a Certified True Copy of the Death Certificate
      should be submitted to RSCC.
    • In case the parent is confined in an institution (mental/correctional/sanitarium)
      or an outpatient, a Certification from the attending physicianor authorization
      shall be submitted re: competence of parent or certification from the jail warden
      where the parent is detained.
    • In cases where a parent deserted home, the remaining parent should execute
      an affidavit duly notarized stating the facts of desertion and the specified period
      of time.

D) Emergency Referrals:

For Pick-up and Foundling Children:

  • Referring Party should go to the Social Workers of LGU or Crisis Intervention Unit of
    DSWD FO 8 for intake, assessment and assistance.
  • A referral letter coming from the referring Social Worker, together with a Case Summary
    and other available documents should be submitted to RSCC. The referring Social
    Worker should facilitate the taking of affidavit of the finder and submit the same to the
    Local Civil
    Registrars Office of the place where the child was found.
  • A Foundling child should be submitted for physical and medical examination. Original
    copy of the Medical Certificate shall be submitted to RSCC upon admission.
  • In case of pick-up children, a Certification executed by the person who found the child,
    reflecting the place, the day and the time the child was found should be submitted.
  • The case should be reported to the nearest Police Station and Brgy. Officials where the
    child was found.

Contact Person:

Ms. Nida Jusay
SWO III / Officer-In-Charge

Pawing, Palo, Leyte
(053) 323-2666

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