Checklist of Requirements for Accreditation of SWA’s Programs and Services

I. List of Documentary Requirements

  • Accomplished Application Form
  • SEC Registration/Constitution and By-Laws/ Local Ordinance or Resolution
  • Work and Financial Plan for current and succeeding year / LGU approved budget for the year
  • Annual Accomplishment Report for the past year
  • Financial Report for the past year
  • Occupancy permit (for new buildings) or Annual Building Inspection/Structural Safety Certificate (for old buildings)
  • Fire Safety Inspection Certificate
  • Water Potability Certificate
  • Manual of Operation
  • Profile of Clients Served

II. Other records submitted by the SCC Applicant (pls. file at the bottom and do not put earmark/s)

  • Pre-accreditation assessment report conducted by the DSWD FO
  • Duly Accomplished Assessment Tool signed by the Head of the Agency (Pre-assessment for new applications or self-assessment for renewal of applications)
  • Certificate of no derogatory information issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) (If the agency is already a DSWD Registered and Licensed SWDA)

List of Documentary Requirements

  • Certification from ABSNET Regional President and Cluster President (If the agency is already a DSWD Registered and Licensed SWDA)

III. SB Records 

  • Accomplished Assessment Tool
  • Confirmation report
  • Accreditation Certificate

IV. Contact Person/s

Standards Section
DSWD Field Office 8

V. Links