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DSWD Conducts Second Wave of Relief Distribution at Jipapad

“Maraming salamat sa pagbalik niyo dito sa Jipapad! Mga bayani kayo para sa amin!”

“Salamat hin madamo kay makakakaon na kami!”

These are the sentiments of the beneficiaries of DSWD’s second wave of relief distributions at Jipapad, Eastern Samar.

Recently, from December 9-12, DSWD staff conducted a second wave of relief distributions. With the help of the Department of Public Works and Highways, DSWD was able to transport additional relief items from the Regional Resource Operations Section in Tacloban to Jipapad. DSWD staff from the Disaster Response Management Division conducted the distribution straight to the beneficiaries.

As of December 13, a total of 2,359 families have already been served. Aside from family food packs (FFPs), DSWD also distributed nonfood items, including blankets, mosquito nets and mats.

During the distribution, DSWD medics also provided first-aid care to a beneficiary who was injured on site. This is an application of DSWD’s recent training (see

These distributions are part of DSWD’s commitment to provide quick and efficient service to the public. According to Project Development Officer Juel Ramos, “The recent distributions were very successful. I’m glad that we were able to help these people, especially the ones who haven’t had anything to eat.”

Each family food pack contains 6 kilos of rice, 4 cans of corned beef, 4 cans of beef loaf and 6 sachets of coffee. DSWD would like to inform the public that these relief items are not for sale.

On November 21, tropical depression Samuel made landfall in Eastern Visayas. The rains brought by the storm caused massive flooding in Jipapad, which was described by the residents as the worst flooding in the history of the town. In only two hours, the water rose to the second storey of most houses. A few days after the flooding, the residents of barangay Magsaysay conducted a pre-emptive evacuation, since the area was prone to landslides. Last November 23-25, DSWD staff conducted its first wave of relief distribution. (see



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Makilahok roll out training completed in 60 municipalities in Region 8


Batch 1 Makilahok Roll-out training in Mahaplag, Leyte with BLGUs as participants











As of December 10, 2018 , 1,513 barangays in over 60 municipalities have already undergone roll-out training for Makilahok or also known as Strengthening Community Participation in Local Development. Makilahok is a Capability Building initiative implemented under the Department of Social Welfare and Development in partnership with the (Department of Interior and Local Government) and ADB (Asian Development Bank).

Only 58 municipalities comprising of 1,452 barangays are funded by ADB and the original actual target for roll-out. The other 2 municipalities are Calbiga and Arteche with 41 and 20 barangays respectively also undergone Makilahok since these municipalities expressed interest and willingness to fund all the resources needed for the Roll-Out.

Objectives of the training entail the review of the Barangay Development Planning and Budgeting process and its interface with the Community Empowerment Activity Cycle, Draw-out and consolidate CDD lessons learned (that enhance participation, transparency, and accountability in barangay development process), determine CDD activities, techniques and other implementation arrangements that can be applied in local development planning and budgeting, and draft an Action Plan for integrating CDD elements in local development planning, including required support from provincial, municipal government units, national government agencies, civil society organizations, and other development stakeholders.

Service providers were hired to facilitate the said training but Kalahi CIDSS Regional Program Management Office (RPMO) assisted for the prupose of monitoring and ensuring quality training management and output.  Resource Persons for the roll-out training were Municipal Budget Officer (MBO) and Municipal Local Government Operations Officer of DILG.

To date, 23 of these 60 municipalities are implementing back-to-back with their CDD-LPP Harmonization implementation which also recently completed their Municipal Development Council (MDC) Prioritization Resource Allocation (PRA). Next year’s target for these 23 LGU-led municipalities is the sub-project completion of their choice.

Kalahi-CIDSS National Community- Driven Development Program (KC-NCDDP) through the Community Empowerment Activity Cycle (CEAC) demonstrates that community-driven development (CDD) approach enabled more inclusiveness, broader community participation, greater transparency, and accountability in all stages of barangay development process. With CDD reinforcing good governance values as mandated by RA 7160 of the 1991 Local Government Code, this makes it essential to integrate and adopt CDD elements in barangay development planning and budgeting process anchored on the important learning’s gained from several years of KC-NCDDP implementation using the participatory process, tools, and techniques learned in CEAC.#

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DSWD Staff First-Aid Trained



Accidents happen. It can happen anytime. It can happen anywhere – at work, at home, in public. And when it comes, what would you do?

Being at the forefront of disaster response and disaster operations, this is the challenge that DSWD staff must face.

Fortunately, DSWD is prepared.

Recently, DSWD’s Disaster Response Management Division (DRMD) underwent a First Aid and Basic Life Support Training. Under the guidance of Ronald B. Madera, Ph.D., EMR and Ernesto J. Azores, EMT of the Emergency Disaster Management Service (EDMS), DSWD staff were trained on the basics of first aid.

During the training, DSWD staff were oriented on different injuries such as wounds, fractures, burns and the proper way to treat such injuries. DSWD staff were trained how to bandage different kinds of wounds, how to help a choking victim and how to lift and carry victims properly without causing further injury. They were also trained on the protocols of emergency response, such as how to approach and react to victims during emergency situations, basic crowd control and how to call for help.

DSWD staff were also given hands-on training on how to conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), an emergency procedure aiming to preserve brain function on victims without spontaneous breathing and blood circulation.

The training was capped with a mass-casualty simulation, where three members of the team took the role of victims with various injuries and bystanders, while the rest of the group took on the roles of emergency responders.

This training provided valuable knowledge to DSWD’s staff and will prove very useful, both in the field, at the office or at home, wherever and whenever accidents occur.



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23 Kalahi CIDSS LGU-led municipalities undergone GRS training


RMES Malo Acebedo leads in the conduct of GRS training









GRS Committee members of Llorente, Eastern Samar actively participate in the training.









As the program implements Community-Driven Development -Local Planning Process (CDD-LPP) harmonization, the DSWD Field Office 8 conducts the Grievance Redress System (GRS) training for its 23 LGU-led municipalities. The aim of the activity is to emphasize the roles and functions of GRS committee (comprising of Community Volunteers) as GRS committee members. Each barangay of 23 LGU-led municipalities should have an established and operational grievance committee who are oriented with GRS.

The one-day training deals on GRS principles and its components including grievance installation, handling and monitoring structure, grievance handling procedure, monitoring and reporting and a discussion on issues and challenges.  One methodology for training is role playing on how a GRS committee member handles grievance.

Grievance Redress System is one key feature of Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan  Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services that upholds the principles of transparency and accountability, thus yielding an opportunity for community empowerment.  This mechanism sustains the community’s right to information – full access to information about the program and right to participate and be heard– to air out problems, issues, comments, opinions on program implementation.

As of this writing, 21 municipalities have already undergone the same training. And the remaining two municipalities are to be conducted the following week.  To date, there are 7,933 resolved cases of grievance out of 7, 935 in Region VIII.#



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‘Honorable’ public servant



Volunteerism is naturally embedded in the hearts of Filipino. It has only be discovered, practiced and enriched. Volunteerism is giving service to people or community without having to think of incentives or something in return. Community Volunteerism is selfless; putting first the welfare of others before own personal interests or matters.

Community Volunteerism in the context of Kalahi CIDSS paved way to the discovery of individuals’ capacities to lead in the development sphere. Ordinary people, if given the opportunity, can engage in local governance. The program gives birth to new leaders who ensure the gains of Community-Driven Development in the Philippines. One leader has been born in Brgy. Osmena, MacArthur Leyte. He is Junrey Egos whose strong leadership skills and true compassion made him won the trust of his residents and elected him as their barangay councilor.

Volunteering for Kalahi CIDSS and changing of heart

Junrey Egos never imagined his life being active in their barangay. He described himself as being officious and having no interest in development activities. He would call himself only a “tambay” or bystander. As a business minded-person, it is far from his personality to volunteer or work something without a return of investment. But when he was given the opportunity to chair the BSPMC committee, everything has set to change his perspectives and life.  He tried to attend to barangay assemblies to understand the program and drastically fall in love with the Community-Driven Development strategy. He later rediscovered his skills in management, planning, systematizing and organizing and applies it as a BSPMC chairperson.

As a leader, he became hands-on in financial management and sub-project monitoring.  He even taught the Procurement Team members how to handle and talk with suppliers. Together with CEF, he assisted other new Community Volunteers when involved in filling up documents.  He never stopped helping others because he believed that in Kalahi CIDSS program no one must be left behind.

As a new chairperson that time, he asked other BSPMCs from other barangays how they handled their implementation and queried for their lessons learned specifically in ensuring the sub-projects to be accomplished within the given timeline. He gave a word of honor to his community that they would finish their sub-project within the given timeline unlike previous experiences. He also thought of his own tactical ways. He made a calendar of activities to ensure tracking of movement of sub-project each day. He asked the support of their BLGU specifically to supervise the laborers during the implementation. In this way BLGU was ready to support the endeavor. Now they completed the 0.300km barangay road under Kalahi CIDSS Tier 2 with a budget of approximately 1.3 million before the set timeline. For Junrey, it was a great achievement already because it taught all of them to be disciplined and determined.

From his self-assessment, he has gained confidence and improved his interpersonal skills. He disclosed, “Dati madali nga nag iinit an akon ulo og mayda talaga ako sinisiring nga atittue problem labi na sa akon trabaho. Pero han nag-volunteer ako kay damo naman an akon na-handle na mga tawo hin magkaiba iba la an mga paglantaw tas batasan, tungod hini mas napaupay pa an akon social skills.”  [Before, I was really hot-headed and have an attitude problem when it comes to work. But now that I have met and dealt people whom have different views and personalities, I can say that my social skills have improved.]

As a Community Volunteer, he became responsible person and citizen of his community. He further stated that his learnings as a community volunteer gave him a motivation to go back to school. He emphasized that formal and informal learning are equally important things anyone must experience.

Encouraging others to take the lead

Junrey believed that the residents are also like him; have the heart for volunteerism but await only for the time to unleash it. So, he encouraged ordinary people in their barangay to be Community Volunteers.  He motivated them to partake in any development activities because they could learn from it.

Their strategy in the barangay includes encouragement of others to be chairpersons -a chance of people to discover and enhance themselves as persons and citizens. “It is priceless if the ordinary people enhance their skills for their community and without knowing that they also benefit from it. Being a Community Volunteer is a tool and weapon they can use in everyday life situation.”

He always says that a true leader produces another pool of leaders; thinking of ways to improvement of one’s skills but also not giving up on others. He believed that there is great impact if champions in the communities work in synergy.

Earning accolades

He was given by the previous Sub-Regional Program Management Office the award for an outstanding performance as a BSPMC during a municipal awarding in the year of 2016 for his utmost dedication, compassion and hard work chairing the Kalahi CIDSS Tier 2.

Also, because of compassionate and collective action demonstrate by the community and BLGU , their barangay is the 4TH National Bayani ka! Awardee for Improved Local Governance. They made success possible through working together with trust and compassion to each other.

But he said, “ Permi ako pamasalamaton hini nga mga awards pero an  akon la nga ginhimo ko la tak kaya para sa ak barangay.” [ I can always be grateful of these accolades but for me I only do what I can for my barangay.]


New breed of leadership

His leadership skills brought him to public office when he was elected as barangay councilor in 2018.

Hon. Junrey Egos further stated, “My advocacy for CDD goes on now that I am a public official. I will always extend my help to my community without monetary incentives. I will always be a true public servant who works heart and soul for the welfare of people.


Into sustaining volunteerism with community

Hon. Egos has a vision to establish a group or an association of men and women wherein they can take steps to sustain development. He is encouraging most Community Volunteers to partake in the undertaking. He envisioned that the first the association will solve is an intervention for their livelihood.

He would always want to sustain Community-Driven Development wherein residents can organize and do steps to make project interventions.

The story of Hon. Junrey Egos is alike from other Kalahi CIDSS Community Volunteers’. Many Community Volunteers are currently barangay officials, barangay secretary and even absorbed by the government offices as employees.  May be different of plots but only tied in one thing and that is their true service to the community. These success stories are only proof of greatness of Community Volunteers in chairing and leading for the benefit of their communities.


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DSWD Distributes Relief at Jipapad

“I want my son, Miguel to know I’m okay. He’s in Campetic, Palo right now. I’m asking him to send us money. ” says Lola Maria, a resident of Jipapad, Eastern Samar. She is just one of the residents in Jipapad who were affected when Tropical Depression Samuel caused a flashflood in the municipality.

According to the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer, it only took two hours for the water to reach the second storey of most houses. The residents generally describe it as the worst case of flooding to occur in the municipality’s history. Due to its speed, most of the residents were unable to save anything. Electricity and communications were also shut down. Transportation also became increasingly difficult since the roads were prone to landslides.

Despite these challenges, the Department of Social Welfare and Development promptly came to Jipapad directly after the distribution of relief goods in Oras. On arrival, DSWD staff immediately proceeded to deliver family food packs (FFPS) to the affected residents.

Although ground communications were unavailable, DSWD staff were still able to coordinate logistics through the use of satellite equipment, such as the Inmarsat Cobham Explorer 710 Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) terminal and an Inmarsat Satellite Phone. Using these equipment, DSWD was able to coordinate with the regional office, Philippine Army and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). Working together, these partner agencies were able to transport FFPs from Tacloban City to the distribution tents.

Over-all DSWD has a target of 2,448 families. As of November 25, 1,334 families have been served. Further distribution of relief goods will be scheduled.

Each DSWD FFP contains 6 kilos of rice, 4 cans of beef loaf, 4 cans of corned beef and 6 sachets of coffee. DSWD would also like to remind the public that these FFPs are not for sale.



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5th Regional Bayani ka! awardees sa Region 8, pinarangalan


Mahagna Water System Beneficiary Association (MAHAGNA) ng Abuyog, Leyte ay ginawarang 5th Regional Bayani ka! awardee para sa Sustained Community Volunteers’ Group. Kasama nina DSWD Regional Director Restituto Macuto at Assistant Regional Director for Operations Marcela Lim ang Community Volunteers na mga miyembro rin ng asosasyon at si Hon. Mayor Lemuel Traya at MAC Reynaldo Requioma




Ang LGU ng Sulat Eastern Samar ay wagi bilang 5th Regional Bayani ka! awardee sa kategoryang Improved Local Governance na nirepresenta ng mga Community Volunteers

Panalo ang Womens’ Group & Farmers’ Association ng Talalora , Samar sa kategoryang Gender and Development kasama ang mga Community Volunteers na mga aktibong miyembro ng nasabing asosasyon



Para sa kategoryang Elderly ay nakamit naman ng Burauen Concerned Senior Citizens’ Association (CONSCENCIA) ang rekognasyon. Nirepresenta ito ng mga Community Volunteers at miyembro ng asosasyon.

Nakuha ng LGU Tabontabon , Leyte ang award para sa kategoryang Environment Protection. Tumanggap ng plaque ay sina Hon. Mayor Rustico Balderian kasama sina MAC Joy Naputo at ang magiging na Community Volunteers.










Ang nag iisang panalo para sa Bayan category ng Model MLGU Implementing Kalahi CIDSS ay ibinigay sa LGU ng Mayorga, Leyte. Sama samang tinanggap nina Hon. Mayor Valente Adolfo , AC Raul Tagle at mga Community Volunteers ang kanilang award.













Ang DSWD Kalahi CIDSS sa Rehiyon 8 ay nagsawaga ng 5th Regional Bayani ka! Awards sa nakaraang Nobyembre 22 taong kasalukuyan sa CCA Leyte Park, Tacloban City na may temang “Pagsalin-urog: Pagdiriwang sa husay at dangal ng mga bagong bayani.”

Ang Bayani Ka award! ay ang tauna at mataas na rekognasyon na iginagawad ng DSWD Kalahi CIDSS sa mga Community Volunteers at partner LGUs dahil sa kanilang di matatawarang kontribusyon na itaguyod ang Community-Driven Development sa buong bansa.

Ito ay isang paraan upang ipagdiriwng ang tagumpay ng mga komunidad na labanan ang kahirapan at kawalang kapangyarihang baguhin ang kanilang pamumuhay. Ang mga bayani ka awardees ay ang mga bagong bayani dahil sa kanilang bisyon, aksiyon, yakag, abilidad, pakikiisa,integridad o inspirasyon at sama-samang pagkilos nang may malasakit.

Nahahati sa dalawang kategorya ang mga parangal sa Bayani Ka! Awards. Ito ang Bayan na kumakatawan sa mga lokal na gobyerno gaya ng barangay at munisipyo. Sa ilalim nito ay may mga sub-category na Model Municipal Coordinating Team, Model Municipal Inter-Agency Commitee (MIAC), Model Municipal Local Government Unit and Barangay Local Government Unit implementing Kalahi CIDSS.

At ang pangalawang kategorya ay ang Bayanihan, na kumakatawan sa mga komunidad na nagpamalas ng angking kahusayan sa pagkamit ng makabuluhang resulta sa pamamagitan ng sama-samang pagkilos. Ito ay may 9 na sub-category:  Elderly, Environment Protection,   Gender and Development, Youth, Sustained Community Volunteers’ Group, PWD, Promotion of Just Peace, Indigenous People at Improved Local Governance.

Nasa ikalimang taon na ang Bayani ka! Awards sa Region 8 at ang mga matatagumpay na grupo o komunidad na napiling gawaran bilang mga awardees ay ang mga sumusunod.

Para sa bayan sa sub-category na Model LGU implementing Kalahi CIDSS ay iginawad sa LGU ng Mayorga Leyte.

Ang mga sumusunod ay mga nagwagi para sa kategoryang Bayanihan: sa Elderly ay ang Barauen Concerned Senior Citizens’Association (CONSENCIA) ng Burauen, Leyte, sa Environment Protection ay ang LGU Tabontabon Leyte, sa Gender and Development ay ang Womens’ Group and Farmers’ Association ng Talalora, Samar, sa Sustained Community Volunteers’ Group ay Mahagna Water System Beneficiary (Mahagna) ng Abuyog Leyte  at sa Improved Local Governance ay ng LGU Sulat, Eastern Samar.

Mayroon ding Sama-samang pagkilos nang may malasakit special awardees para sa bayanihan na kategorya na binigyan ng rekognasyon ng Regional Program Management Office . Ito ay ang mga sumusunod: Barangay of Local Government Unit of Ibag Water Association (BIWA) ng Barugo leyte at Minaanod Fishermen Association (MIFA) ng Llorente Eastern Samar para sa sub-category ng Environment Protection, ang Cansolabao Water Sustainability Workers’ Association (Cansuwasa) ng Hinabangan, Samar Calian Water System and Sanitary Association (Calwasa) Liloan, Southern Leyte para sa Sustained Community Volunteers’ Group at ang BLGU Ibag ng Barugo Leyte , LGU Matag-ob Leyte, LGU San Isidro ng Northern Samar at LGU Mayorga Leyte para sa Improved Local Governance.

Ang mga awardees ay ginawaran nila DSWD Regional Director Restituto Macuto, Assistant Regional Director for Operation Marcela Lim at Promotive Services Division Chief Natividad Sequito.

Sabi pa ni RD Macuto na siyang nagbigay ng inspirational message sa nasabing aktibidad,  Hindi sapat ang plaque o ang gabing ito upang maiabot namin ang aming pasasalamat sa inyong sakripsiyo at walang kapaguran sa  paglilingkod.”

Pinapasalamatan ni RD Macuto ang sakripisyo at pagkakaisa ng mga Community Volunteers at LGUs sa 15 taon ng implementasyon ng Kalahi CIDSS sa Silangang Visayas. Hangad naman ni ARDO Lim na maipagpatuloy ng mga Community Volunteers at LGUs ang pagpalaganap ng Community-Driven Development sa buong bansa. #




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DSWD Delivers Relief to Flooded Barangays in Oras

On November 20, tropical depression Samuel made landfall at Eastern Samar. The heavy rains brought by Samuel caused the Oras River to overflow. This led to massive flooding in the upstream barangays in Oras, Eastern Samar.

Less than a day later, the Department of Social Welfare and Development was already on the field, ready to distribute relief goods to the families affected by the flood. Arriving at almost midnight on November 21, DSWD, together with the help of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), arrived with 1,450 family food packs (FFPs).

These FFPs were loaded into boats and delivered upstream. DSWD staff split up into teams to cover each target barangay. Upon arrival, DSWD staff oversaw and carried out the distribution of relief goods straight to the beneficiaries. Due to severe flooding, DSWD staff distributed the relief goods directly from the boats to the beneficiaries. Over-all, DSWD successfully distributed FFPs to 9 barangays located along the Oras River. These barangays were prioritized because these were the most badly affected and also because these barangays were isolated due to flooding.

On November 22, DSWD dispatched 550 additional relief goods. A total of 2,000 FFPs have been allocated for Oras, Eastern Samar.

Each FFP contains 6 kilograms of rice, 4 cans of corned beef, 4 cans of beef loaf and 6 sachets of coffee. DSWD would also like to inform the public that these relief goods are not for sale.



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