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Notice of Vacancy

August 18, 2014


 DSWD Field Office VIII is filling up one (1) Regional Financial Analyst (RFA) under KALAHI CIDSS-NCDDP on Contract of Service (MOA) status.

 Job Title                      :           Regional Financial Analyst (RFA) Salary Grade               :           (Consultant)

 Job Summary:          

The Regional Financial Analyst is the head of the Program financial management team and is responsible in the overall regional implementation of financial management systems and procedures prescribed by the Program and government laws, rules and regulations by 1) training Program FMS to LGUs, Program and Organic Staff and other stakeholders; ii) providing RPMT with policy recommendations to promote economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the financial management system of the program; iii) reviewing and analyzing financial reports for the RPMT and Central Office Finance Unit on the status of fund utilization, problem areas, actions undertaken and recommended course of action; iv) ensuring that all program financial documents (DVs, RFRs and other documents that may be required) are completely submitted to COA-RO on time and monitor compliance/progress/status/ by the community-beneficiaries on COA issued AOMs; and v) supervising, monitoring and providing technical assistance to the Program FM Staff.

Job Outputs:

  1. Reviewed and funded Requests for Releases within the standard processing time;
  2. Work and Financial Plan;
  3. Financial Monitoring Reports (Uses of Funds by Project Activity, Sources and Uses of Funds and Statement of Expenditure);
  4. Community Financial Reports (Regional Consolidated Status-Project Fund Utilization Report and Regional Consolidated Status of Local Counterpart Contribution);
  5. Training of RPMO/SRPMO/ACT/MCT and other Stakeholders on Program Financial Management Systems and Procedures;
  6. Database: RFR Monitoring, Status of Community Grants, DV Monitoring;
  7. Financial Directives and Guidelines;
  8. Technical Assistance and Monitoring System; and
  9. Resolution of finance-related grievances

Specific Responsibilities and Tasks:

            Regional Finance

  1. Review the accuracy, completeness, and legality of all documents supporting the Requests for Fund Release (RFR) transmitted by the SRPMO for funding.
  2. Maintain Requests for Fund Release (RFR) Monitoring Database.
  3. In coordination with the RPMT:
  • Prepare the Regional Project Work and Financial Plan.
  • Monitor utilization of the Regional Project Funds in accordance with approved WFP. Provide technical inputs and strategies on the prioritization of the activities pending the release of fund.
  • Ensure timely submission of the following financial monitoring reports:
  • Uses of Funds by Project Activity
  • Sources and Uses of Funds
  • Statement of Expenditures
  • Statement of Receipts and Disbursements
  • Provide technical assistance on the management’s response and comments on COA issued AOMs.


Community Finance

 Pre-Engagement Activities

  1. Train SRPMO on how to:
  • Conduct orientation on the LCC.
  • Provide technical Assistance to the LGU in the preparation of Local Counterpart Contribution Plan.
  1. Verify compliance of LGU on the start-up finance related condition   precedents prior to MOA signing.

Project Implementation

Ensure that the internal control measures are in place and functional for the economical, efficient and effective implementation of community-approved subprojects.

Program of Works

  • In coordination with the RCIS, provide technical assistance to SRPMO in the review of Program of Work particularly on the reasonableness of unit costs and appropriateness of items charged under the Indirect Cost.

Fund Flow

  • Monitor LCC deliveries and ensure these are completely delivered prior to full release of community grant funds.

Subproject Funds Utilization

Ensure that project funds are utilized as intended and in accordance with Program community procurement and finance guidelines

  1. Ensure FA conduct monthly community FM meetings.
  2. Conduct regional FM meeting with Program FM staff.
  3. Conduct field visit to sub-projects particularly those with issues in fund utilization, meet with the community volunteers to discuss the remedial measures to undertake.
  4. Monitor funds utilization against physical progress, and identify causes/reasons for variances, if any and take necessary recommendations.

Financial Reporting

  1. Analyze the financial reports submitted by the SRPMO and communities, compare actual versus planned fund utilization; determine causes/reasons for variances and recommends appropriate actions.
  2. Ensure on time, complete and accurate submission of reports, both hard copies and e-reports, to the Central Office Finance Unit.

Provision of Technical Assistance

  1. Ensure that the SRPMO, particularly the Financial Analysts are technically equipped to
  • Provide appropriate technical assistance to ACTs and community volunteers;
  • Conduct community finance trainings prescribed by the Project.
  • Conduct orientation to O & M group on FMS.
  • Assist in the monitoring on the O & M functionality particularly on the compliance of the FMS.

FM related grievances

  1. Ensure that FM related grievances are acted upon immediately.
  2. Maintain database on status of FM related grievances ( type B, C, & D) and submit to NPMO on a quarterly basis.


 Education:      Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Training:         At least 40 hours in project management and 24 hours in

government accounting system, procurement and taxation

Experience:     Experienced in project management specifically in financial


Job Location:

DSWD Regional Office – Regional Project Management Office

Applicants are reminded to indicate in their comprehensive resume the terms of reference of their previous work experiences.

Those who meet the qualification requirements of the said position may apply to the Regional Director not later than August 27, 2014.

Interested parties are advised to submit the following documents:

  1. Application Letter
  2. Resume with recent 2 x 2 ID picture
  3. Authenticated Transcript of Records and Diploma
  4. Certificate of Employment, if any
  5. Certificate of Trainings Attended, if any
  6. Certificate of Good Moral Character

                                                                                                                                                        NESTOR B. RAMOS

Regional Director

Note: Incomplete application will not be entertained

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