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DSWD-8 local heroes recognized in 4th National Bayani ka! Awards

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LGU Tabontabon in Leyte being heralded as one of the 4th National Bayani ka awardees on Improved Local Governance as one of the municipalities in the nation to promote people participation in local governance.(From left to right) Kalahi CIDSS focal PDO V Allan Mangalino, MAC Joy Naputo, Hon. Mayor Rustico Balderian, Usec. Ma. Lourdes Turalde-Jarabe.

BSPMC Kinaguitman in Allen,Northern Samar received their merit as one of the 4th National Bayani Ka! Awardee on Persons with Disability, promoting PWD welfare and inclusiveness to development.
(From left to right) Kalahi CIDSS focal PDO V Allan Mangalinao, Community Volunteer Fred Gubat, Usec. Maria Lourdes Turalde- Jarabe and MCT CEF Diosdado Grande.

Community Volunteers Marevic Salloman and Corazon Pardiňas represented BSPMC Tubig Ginoo in Kawayan Biliran as one of the 4TH Bayani Ka! Awardees on Gender and Development for demonstrating women’s imperative impact to positive change.

Brgy. Captain Myrna Baranda & Brgy. Councilor Junrey Egos proudly represented BLGU Osmeňa in MacArthur Leyte as one the 4th National Bayani ka awardees on Improved Local Governance sub-category.


With all gratitude, Dalila Villegas and Atty. Aida Laruda represented Tolosa Federation of Senior Citizens’ organization (TOFESCO) for being one of the 4th National Bayani Ka! awardees on Elderly.

Cambucao Farmers’ Association in Tabontabon Leyte recognized for sustaining the gains of CDD in the community. Community Volunteers Nieva Sequito and Analita Garcela received their awards for 4TH National Bayani Ka! Awardee on Sustained Community Volunteers.

Over 108 National Bayani ka! awardees from across the nation were recognized for sending forth a ripple of hope of change through contributing in the advancement of compassionate, collective action in their respective communities in the jovial night of October 4, 2018 in Cebu, City.

Six awardees from Eastern Visayas were heralded in different award categories for exemplifying outstripped efforts and contributions to promote Community Driven Development (CDD) approach in the Region.

Barangay Sub Project Committee Chairperson of Brgy. Tubig Ginoo, Kawayan in Biliran won in the sub-category of Gender and Development for actively promoting gender equality in the community from participation to decision-making  and advancing the women’s imperative impact to development. Community Volunteers Corazon Pardinas and Marevic Salloman received the recognition for the group.

In their locality, the female community volunteers of BSPMC executed bayanihan in completing the 30-linear meter Canal which they were not paid for the labor. Now, the Canal benefited more than 100 families from soil erosion.

Region VIII has two recipients of the award for Improved Local Governance; LGU Tabontabon in Leyte represented by Rustico Balderian and Municipal Area Coordinator Joy Naputo.

LGU Tabontabon showed promising support for Kalahi CIDSS as it is one of the municipalities to adopt CDD process. In addition, the LGU ensured that the remaining non-funded projects of Kalahi CIDSS were integrated in the Municipal Development Plan. The implemented projects have improved the living condition of the people in terms of Health, Water Sanitation, Basic Education, Income, Employment and peace and Order.

The LGU Tabontabon also ensured the needs of people to be of top priority even beyond Kalahi CIDSS program.
The LGU is recipient of other national awardees like Million Pesos Award under the Search for Agri-Pinoy Rice Achievers’ Award 2015, National “Pusong Makakalikasan Award and the only LGU in Region 8 awarded for practicing “Zero Waste Management”.

The other recipient for Improved Local Governance is the BLGU Osmena, MacArthur which plaque was received by Brgy. Captain Myrna Baranda and Barangay Councilor Junrey Egos.

The BLGU Osmeňa of MacArthur also demonstrated the collective efforts with the community. Their Health Center under Kalahi CIDSS program was completed through bayanihan of community. The BLGU never let the day passed by without them monitoring the sub-project. Each council had a schedule to oversee the implementation to attend to the needs of the laborers. As a result, the Health Center was completed before its target date.

On the other hand, BSPMC of Brgy. Kinaguitman, Allen, Northern Samar received the awards for sub-category on Persons with Disability for the promotion of principles for inclusive development, showing that disability is not an impediment to lift the morale of a community. Community Volunteer Fred Gubat with Municipal Coordinating Team- Community Empowerment Facilitator Diosdado Grande received the award.

The BSPMC of Kinaguitman opened the door to the marginalized sector to have an opportunity to take the role in development activities such as being a Community Volunteer and taking the part as laborer for the construction of footbridge. Community Volunteer Fred Gubat is a living evidence of it.

Tolosa Federation of Senior Citizens’ Organizations ( TOFOSCO) was recognized in the sub-category of the Elderly Sector represented by lawyer Aida Laruda and Dalila Villegas. They showed that age is not a hindrance to heed the call of Community Volunteerism and a living proof that CDD is reaching the marginalized sectors in the community.

TOFESCO is assertive to make the senior citizens in their locality empowered about their rights and benefits through governments’ programs and initiatives. For example, they entail in their usual meetings how the senior citizens can avail social pension from DSWD. They hope to achieve Older People empowerment, valuing mutual support and assistance. They use their compassionate and collective voice and action for the benefit of others.

Cambucao Farmers’ Association won in the sub-category on Sustained Community Volunteers Group which promotes compassionate, collective action in and beyond DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS, to sustain the gains made through the program. Analita Garcela and Nieva Sequito received the award.

The group adopted transparency in their association. In a way, the shares they got from rice mill  help as an additional income to individuals, which served as share out of the members. The group even provided Medical and Burial Assistance to those in need of it.

The Bayani Ka! Awards is the annual and highest recognition given by the DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS to its exemplary communities and partners implementing and promoting the Community-Driven Development (CDD) approach. The award featured three categories: “Bayan,” “Bayani” and “Bayanihan” with sub-categories on Gender and Development, Improved Local Governance, Environment Protection, Indigeneous Peoples’ Welfare, Promotion of Just Peace, Persons With Disability,Elderly, Youth and Sustained Community Volunteers Group.

This year’s 4th National Bayani Ka! award is anchored on the theme “Pagsaulog” celebrating community’s triumphant quest to battle poverty and pervasive powerlessness through Community-Driven Development.

Kalahi CIDSS, a flagship anti-poverty program of DSWD, advocates for community participation in governance.  It sends forth a vision of democracy wherein sweeping down the mightiest walls of poverty and pervasive powerlessness of community to unleash broader change. It uses Community-Driven Development strategy which enables a shared vision and a harmonized voice of communities to development.

For all over years of implementation, CDD approach has been proven effective in 20,000 benefiting barangays nationwide and 3, 780 of these are from Eastern Visayas. The success of CDD in Region VIII would not be possible without the stewards and safeguards of its gains- the Community Volunteers and partner LGUs.

The awards and incentives received by the awardees will never equate to the contributions they wielded to make CDD a living bequest in the hearts of community and local governance. As DSWD Undersecretary, Ma. Lourdes Jarabe,  said in her inspirational message, “Tonight is not enough to thank the big contribution made by Community Volunteers. You [ Community Volunteers] are considered the force multipliers…” Community Volunteers are force multipliers for they expand the important values such as transparency, accountability and sustainability. She added that the support of partner LGUs apparently contributes to make CDD possible.

Indeed, heroism is still evident in the figures of these Bayani Ka awardees for they demonstrate ‘heroic’ contributions to positive change and whose legacies will live on the next generations to come.#















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