DSWD Eastern Visayas, through the KALAHI-CIDSS program, recently conducted a turn-over ceremony for a .225 km farm-to-market road in Brgy. San Roque, Tunga, Leyte

Barangay residents selected the project during a meeting of the Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (BDRRMC). During the meeting, the barangay raised several concerns from 130 farmer families who lost a significant portion of their income due to the lack of good roads. According to them, the road was bumpy, and only a few vehicles used it. Because of this, it became very expensive to hire vehicles to transport their crops. The delivery of vegetables would take longer, and would often result in spoilage, which resulted in the further loss of income. Additionally, due to the poor quality of the existing road, the BDRRMC found it difficult to respond to disasters and other emergencies, while students struggled to go to school.

With funding from KALAHI-CIDSS, the barangay started the construction of a new farm-to-market road last December, and was completed last March. Over-all, the project cost P804,362.75.

Barangay residents, meanwhile, express their appreciation and their gratitude for the new road. According to them, the road made the barangay accessible, and transportation of goods is now cheaper. This had resulted in an increase in the profits for the farmers. The BDRRC also adds that the new road will reduce the time it takes to respond to disasters and that road accidents have been reduced.